: Toulemonde-Bochart

DIVA-Seattle_rugs_ToulemondeBochart_01 DIVA-Seattle_rugs_ToulemondeBochart_02 DIVA-Seattle_rugs_ToulemondeBochart_03 DIVA-Seattle_rugs_ToulemondeBochart_04 DIVA-Seattle_rugs_ToulemondeBochart_05 DIVA-Seattle_rugs_ToulemondeBochart_06 DIVA-Seattle_rugs_ToulemondeBochart_07 DIVA-Seattle_rugs_ToulemondeBochart_08 DIVA-Seattle_rugs_ToulemondeBochart_09 DIVA-Seattle_rugs_ToulemondeBochart_10 DIVA-Seattle_rugs_ToulemondeBochart_11 DIVA-Seattle_rugs_ToulemondeBochart_12

It is amid the hours spent by the designers to polish their creations in order to express their vision of the present, and in the days in which the weavers work endlessly renewing their ancestral gestures in respect of the tradition, that one can find the quest for accuracy which defines the quality of Toulemonde Bochart rugs. For over 40 years, Toulemonde Bochart has been binding close links with their production workshops, in a permanent exchange of tradition and modernity, movement and serenity, following or very often introducing new evolutions in the rug field. This collaboration has always been conducted in mutual respect, and more and more towards environmental and social standards, at the heart of the development of a country like India that can be seen evolving with each one of Toulemonde Bochart’s quarterly journeys.

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