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Baxter does not take this question for granted. Yes, because the mood, the way of feeling, is meaningful and, in the collections, it is explored through the mixing and matching: a never-predictable blend of materials, colours, textures and writings.

The Chester Moon sofa was born from a reinterpretation of a classical model. It’s incredible how this project is able to sum up the importance of the shape balance, still keeping its own simplicity despite the complexity of the techniques that characterize its realization. It draws inspiration from the past for what concerns the history of the handicraft techniques that are necessary for its development and it ties up the new century for its simple and neat lines.

Through its soft and embracing shapes, the Tactile sofa wants to enhance the leather tactile properties, and at the same time, develop an attention towards details. This sofa is deconstructed and broken down into its elementary parts. Seat and backrest become independent one from the other and a different quilting underlines the distinction between the two elements, that get in touch lightly only in those points that are necessary for its stability.

Designed by Draga & Aurel in 2019