Bocci is a Vancouver-based design research studio and factory founded in 2005 by Omer Arbel. Their commitment to cultivating an open-ended relationship between creativity, material exploration, and craftsmanship is evident in their diverse portfolio of sculptural lighting designs.

From their debut piece, ‘14’, which has become a timeless favorite, to their ongoing experimentation with materials like glass, copper, steel, and concrete, Bocci’s products are the result of thoughtful collaboration and hands-on making. Through the exchange of knowledge and skills among their team of glassblowers, metalworkers, chemists, sculptors, designers, architects, and engineers, they constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible in form and function.

What sets Bocci apart is their concept of “constrained chance” – while they set the framework, their materials have a mind of their own, resulting in unique and unpredictable objects. Each Bocci piece is handmade, which adds to their individuality and exceptional quality. Their lighting designs are also highly adaptable, with the ability to be scaled up or down and paired with various fixture types. Overall, Bocci’s focus on innovation, collaboration, and craftsmanship shines in every aspect of their work.

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