Bover draws inspiration from the vibrant lifestyle of Mediterranean coastal communities. The rich tapestry of light, culture, cuisine, and traditional crafts found along this region’s shores provides an endless source of creativity for the brand. 

Founded in 1996, Bover emerged as a result of a fortuitous encounter. Joana Bover, with a background in the audiovisual industry, was first introduced to the world of lighting through a project for the Seville Expo ’92. From there, she continued to design and create, leading to the growth and reputation of one of Spain’s most renowned lighting companies. 

Bover’s design philosophy centers on timelessness. This concept encompasses a delicate balance between the materials and influences that surround us and the ever-changing trends of the industry. Bover embodies this balance through their dedication to elegance, beauty, and illumination, weaving their unique perspective and interpretation of life into every creation.

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