Delta Light, specialized in architectural lighting, designs and produces quality lighting solutions that enhance the beauty of any space. With a refined signature design, their products bring class, style and atmosphere, creating the perfect balance between light and architecture. At their Belgian headquarters, Delta Light continuously innovates and sets trends, offering a diverse collection of over 660 product categories ranging from custom profiles to outdoor lighting. Led by a passionate team of designers and R&D experts, Delta Light is committed to creating timeless, elegant and sustainable lighting fixtures that blend seamlessly into any project – be it a home, store, hotel or office.

Sustainability is at the core of Delta Light’s values, and they strive to have a positive impact on the environment and society through their products and processes. With energy-efficient and long-lasting products and a focus on renewable energy and recycling, Delta Light is committed to being a leader in sustainable lighting solutions. They also prioritize the wellbeing of their employees, creating a healthy and safe working environment and promoting a sustainable mindset that extends beyond their own company walls. Delta Light’s dedication to innovation, design, and sustainability truly sets them apart in the world of architectural lighting.

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Diva Lighting

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