Flos has been leading the field of lighting design for over 50 years with its innovative use of light as a medium for expressing new ideas and creating timeless objects. With a vast collection of indoor and outdoor lamps, Flos has established itself as a world leader in the industry. The company’s goal is to create iconic products by harnessing the creative genius of both established design masters and up-and-coming talents. Drawing on its rich history and experience, Flos strives to shape the future through daring choices, technological expertise, and the enchanting poetry of light.

Across its history, Flos has introduced countless products that have become iconic and synonymous with the brand in the world of lighting design. Some of its most famous pieces include the Arco floor lamp, designed by the Castiglioni brothers in 1962, and still sought after for its simple, elegant design. The Compasso d’oro 1979-winning Parentesi lamp, featuring a steel profile suspended from a cable, and the innovative Taccia lamp, with its hidden light source, are also notable Flos designs. The surreal Toio lamp, which combines a car headlight with the loops of a fishing rod, is a whimsical piece that has become a part of design history.

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