The history of FontanaArte closely mirrors the growth of Italian design and its intrinsic ties to glass and light. This convergence was influenced by the pioneering work of Gio Ponti, a leading figure in promoting a new cultural unification during the industrial age. Established in 1932, FontanaArte aimed to fuel the creativity and ingenuity of emerging generations of architects, artists, and decorators by showcasing the malleable qualities of glass. This was an era that championed the boundless possibilities of artistic expression, particularly in Milan.

Ponti himself stated that industry was the defining mode of the 20th century, serving as both the catalyst and canvas for artistic imagination. Through the union of art and industry, Ponti believed that one could achieve a harmonious coexistence between form and function.

Even now, in the 21st century, the inclusion of “Arte” in the company’s name serves as a reminder of its distinct identity that extends beyond individual products. This timeless ethos of striking a balance between art and industry continues to drive FontanaArte’s contemporary production, evident in the perfect fusion of clarity and durability.

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