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: Gilles Caffier

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A native of France with a background in textile and fashion design, Gilles Caffier has been concentrating his energy on interior design and decoration since 1993, producing his own work with a lab of 50 artisans in divergent fields. Gilles Caffier’s pieces are creatively chaotic, a reflection of soft extravagance which is exceedingly rare. He understands that to be free artistically is nothing, but to be free and remain free is the ultimate luxury. His creations are humanistic, his international life and extensive travel allowing him to remain open to all eras and cultures. Gille Caffier consistently combines his creative vision with his production capabilities to put his “couture” stamp on any project. These projects are born from the hand and nature, without rejecting technology and created out of a common interpretation of our world. His lines are pure, sensual, sometimes unexpected. He plays with the nature of materials, exploiting contrasts and diversions; leather becomes metal, rough becomes soft, minimal becomes exuberant. Each piece is the result of meticulous work, and a unique mixing of knowhow and permanent questioning. A large part of his collections are limited editions.

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