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: Le Deun

DivaGroup-LeDeun_01 DivaGroup-LeDeun_02 DivaGroup-LeDeun_03 DivaGroup-LeDeun_04 DivaGroup-LeDeun_05 DivaGroup-LeDeun_07 Decorex 2014 by Illumina Lighting Decorex 2014 by Illumina Lighting le-deun-01 le-deun-02 le-deun-03 le-deun-04 le-deun-05

Le Deun Luminaires is a company specializing in electronic lighting design with low energy consumption. Since 1997 light-emitting-diodes have been the main light source for all of their products and installations. Their models are designed and manufactured by a professional team in France, at their head office in central Paris. The base of the design is the will of purity, that the function must generate the shape, and that the lighting is as effective as it is decorative.

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