Pallucco’s design energies are fueled by the concept of change, encompassing life, vision, and strategy. Deviating from dominant styles, the company constantly seeks out new solutions, drawing inspiration from various cultural influences to create unique objects with strong aesthetic appeal. With a fearless and cultured approach, Pallucco has cemented its place on the international stage since its formation, showcased through partnerships with renowned figures such as Peter Lindbergh and Rei Kawakubo, and installations in iconic spaces like Milan’s Mattatoio. Under the artistic direction of Hannes Wettstein in the 1990s, Pallucco embraced a minimalist and urban aesthetic, as evidenced by the iconic Continua bookcase, which pushed the boundaries of design by highlighting the importance of technology.

The turn of the century saw a shift towards decoration under the guidance of Jurgen Bey, expanding the company’s focus to include new forms and languages. Pallucco’s portfolio features designs from a diverse group of designers including Hannes Wettstien, Jean Nouvel, Tom Dixon, and Jaime Hayón, all of whom have contributed to the brand’s unique and multicultural style. From contemporary pieces to timeless classics, Pallucco’s collection also features the iconic Fortuny lamp by Mariano Fortuny, symbolizing the company’s history rooted in a prestigious past and its constant pursuit of innovation and creativity.

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