The impact of light on one’s daily life and emotional well-being is often overlooked. It shapes our perceptions and emotions, from the warmth of a candlelit dinner to the tranquil hues of a sunset. Yet, while we chase after the sun for its captivating light, why do we not seek the same emotional experience from artificial lights? 

From this question, the vision of GRAU was birthed- to evoke and activate people’s emotions through light. The ultimate goal is to provide a meaningful and joyous lighting experience for individuals. 

Tobias Grau, born in Hamburg in 1957, first pursued studies in business management and received a Diplomkaufmann degree. However, his passion for design led him to attend Parson School of Design in New York in 1983. He then gained practical experience in developing lighting products at Knoll International in Pennsylvania. 

In 1984, Tobias embarked on his freelance career in interior design, creating bespoke lighting and furniture for small companies and fashion stores in Hamburg. This eventually led to the launch of his first commercially produced lighting collection under his namesake in 1987. With the support of his wife, Franziska Grau, he has expanded the brand into a leading premium lighting company since 1992. Tobias’ work centers on designing and developing innovative luminaires and lighting systems.

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