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: Venini

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It all started with a name: “Cappellin Venini & C.” and two extraordinary men who chose to enter the prestigious glass-factory world in Murano, Italy, in 1921. The Venetian antiques dealer Giacomo Cappelin and Paolo Venini, a Milanese lawyer with an old family tradition in glass, sought to revolutionize the glass industry when they founded the company. In collaboration with a variety of artists, architects, and designers, these two men were able to lay the foundation of an “identity style” that still defines Venini today: evade traditional patterns, explore the direction of avant-garde art and continued mastery of techniques known only by the best glass-masters of the island. Over the years, the company evolved to become what it is known as today, “Venini”, but the founding principles have remained a timeless component to the company’s vitality. Today, Venini has been able to continue their mission thanks to the glass masters of Murano Island, as well as the many artists who have collaborated with the renowned company throughout the years. Intricate, innovative, and above all, passionate about the delicate art of glassblowing, the company is a vital contributor to twentieth-century design.

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