Wall&decò was founded in 2005 by Christian Benini, a former advertising photographer, who had a groundbreaking idea while using large leaf images as backdrops for his photo shoots. He recognized the potential that these images had for decorative purposes and thus, Wall&decò was born. The unique and captivating images on the backdrops caught the attention of architects and designers, leading to the brand’s debut on the market on the same day. From there, Wall&decò quickly became known for redefining the aesthetics of wall decoration. Instead of the traditional repetition of patterns and geometries seen in wallpaper, Wall&decò introduced large-scale images and textures for a more impactful look. 

Wall&decò strives to bring cutting-edge aesthetics, technical innovation, and research together in their designs. They offer a design service that can be tailored to meet various levels of customization, from adapting existing graphics in their collection to creating entirely new designs for their clients. This dedication to innovation has made them a top choice for even the most demanding project requirements.

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