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Cassina Accessories

‘The Cassina Perspective’ offers a holistic approach through unique and complete settings. Considering this, the company proposes a selection of accessories, perfect for the festive season, to complete its collection for the home.

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Réaction Poétique: Cassina Carpentry

Jamie Hayon has created a collection of streamlined, functional objects, perfectly suited to the contemporary home, conceived with an almost religious dedication to the one material used, wood. These sculptural pieces employ form, light, and shade to express the ineffable beauty of wood, thanks also to the masterful crafts skills of Cassina’s carpenters. The various elements, inspired by the organic shapes conjured by Le Corbusier, and the paintings featured in the magazine L’Esprit Nouveau, reflect Cassina’s tradition of woodworking excellence and the close links that the company has always fostered between craftsmanship and industrial innovation. The original solid ashwood, stained black, has now been complemented by five variants: open-pore ashwood stained petrol green, amaranth red, mud, pearl grey and American walnut.

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Cassina lighting: simple and versatile solutions

Inspired by 1950s motifs and natural forms, these floor and suspension lamps designed by Cassina are the synthesis of the thorough research of pure and ancestral shapes, merging into a post-modern style transported into the present.

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Art mirrors life

Mirrors feature greatly in surrealist literature and art given that they represent the age-old dilemma of the relationship between illusion and reality. A question mark about who we are and what we see – whether it is reality or a reflection of reality.

The Les Grands Trans-parents mirror designed in 1938 by Man Ray, a great protagonist of Dadaism and Surrealism, was produced by Dino Gavina in 1971 so that everyone could enjoy a poetic work of art in their own homes. Today the mirror is reissued by Cassina.

The Deadline series by Ron Gilad, is also a clear reference to the contemporary art world. A collection of 12 rectangular and square mirrors, both functional and decorative, create graphic reflections and different perspectives. Like valuable pieces of artwork, each mirror is placed in a solid natural or tinted black ash-wood frame with visible joints that highlight Cassina’s craftsmanship ability in working with wood.

Cassina meets Venini: Colourdisc, a first project by Bethan Laura Wood

Cassina presents its first collection of lamps designed to enhance and complete its outdoor living and dining environments. Dialoguing harmoniThe English designer Bethan Laura Wood has interpreted the perfect synthesis between centenary art and contemporary design with the Colourdisc duo of vases, a fruit bowl and cylindrical flower vase, produced by Venini.

A series of colored compositions of discs and diamonds in Murano glass, produced in the Venini furnaces in Venice, are placed around a brass volume, available in two light finishes. Inside the structure it is possible to insert an optional blown glass vase in amber or horizon blue to offer an additional pool of color to the object and to be able to use the vase for flowers.

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Simple Masterpieces: Tabouret Méribel & Tabouret Berger

Both pieces are inspired by the mountains. While the latter takes its name from the milking-stool used by alpine shepherds, the former is inspired by the French locality much loved by designer and architect Charlotte Perriand. These furnishing accessories stand out for the honesty of their simple shapes and for the concrete expression of their materials and function.

The turned seat meets the stylized legs both in the Tabouret Berger, a lower version with three legs in hand-turned solid wood, and in the taller Tabouret Méribel, which has three angular legs. Produced by Cassina thanks to a meticulous work of craftsmanship that respects the authenticity of the original design, these small masterpieces can be used on their own or in creative compositions. The use of solid wood communicates a pleasant sense of softness, and we see the continuity of the grain right the way across the seat to the borders, nature creating a unique pattern on each.

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