Diva Group showcased iconic pieces from Edra alongside artworks from Creative Art Partners during this year’s Frieze art fair in Los Angeles. Patrons immersed themselves in an environment where sophistication, innovation, and cultural appreciation converged, offering a compelling narrative that underscored the enduring relevance of art in contemporary dialogue.


In honor of 2024 Frieze Los Angeles, Diva Group proudly presented a grand collaborative endeavor at 8899 Beverly, seamlessly intertwining the realms of art and design within the magnificent confines of Penthouse West. The exhibit showcased an impressive array of iconic Edra pieces, each a testament to the brand’s unrivaled fusion of creativity and functionality. 

Accompanying these masterpieces were captivating artworks from Creative Art Partners with notable contributions from the visionary talents of Moffat Takadiwa and Julio Rizhi. Against the elegant setting of 8899 Beverly’s luxurious penthouse, thoughtfully curated by Eclat, a harmonious blend of art and design emerged, surpassing traditional boundaries. This immersive experience provided guests with an unparalleled journey, replete with inspiration and meaningful cultural discourse at every turn

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A special thank you to Creative Art Partners for providing the art at the Edra Showroom and at the 8899 Beverly exhibit site. Also to Eataly for sponsoring the wine.

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