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Superlative comfort, universal and timeless elegance: these are the fundamental characteristics of edra.

Edra creates exclusive and timeless products since always. The sofas, armchairs and all other products of the edra collection are designed and realised in such an accurate way that makes them unmistakable and unique, to be experienced with the maximum pleasure. They remain a heritage forever.

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Grande Soffice by Francesco Binfaré

The timeless elegance of Grande Soffice recalls classicism, its linear shape ends in soft curves that look like sculptures. Extraordinarily simple. An architecture devised to leave its mark in any setting: it is amazing in its large proportions, and its combination of high-tech and natural materials offers an unexpectedly comfortable experience.

It is padded in Gellyfoam and a generous amount of goose down: the result is extreme comfort. The smart cushion allows the backrests to be reclined for ultimate relaxation. Each seating element can comfortably sit two people. A sectional sofa that allows linear or angular composition in many different sizes and shapes. The deeper pieces and the poufs complete the offer, for a more versatile use of the sofa.

Edra   Edra

“It is a sculpture that fits into people’s houses as a monument or an obelisk or a cathedral fits into the urban space. It is itself an architecture, a primordial, sophisticated nest.”

-Francesco Binfaré

Standard by Francesco Binfaré

A sofa that allows maximum comfort in whichever position.

The key element is the “smart cushion”. Backrests and armrests have lost any stiffness and can be molded as desired with a flick of your hand: low, high, oblique, enveloping and functional. The deeper seats help to discover a casual comfort. Standard is the result of years of technological research to produce an exclusive sofa that perfectly fulfils the wishes of the users.

It allows total freedom of combining seats of different shape and depth to customize the compositions : linear, angular or free plan.

Edra   Edra

Cipria by Fernando e Humberto Campana

A sofa composed of nine structural cushions that resemble powder puffs attached to an invisible metal tube frame.

Very comfortable thanks to the stuffing in Gellyfoam® and synthetic wadding. Thanks to the ecological fur covering, it is soft to the touch like a caress.

Edra   Edra