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Designer: Paolo Piva
Typology: Small tables
Collection: B&B Italia
Year: 2018

The Alanda coffee table, an iconic piece that ushered in the 1980s, is now revisited in homage to Paolo Piva, the great architect and designer who passed away last year. A highly successful classic and sought-after vintage furnishing complements, Alanda is one of the most typical design objects of a period with a wealth of strong, daring stylistic signs, often in a dialogue with architecture, reproducing its most attractive, characteristic elements in miniature. The Alanda’s structure, serving as both pedestal and support, recalls a group of upturned pyramids, a geodetic frame that has always characterized it as if it was a magical object, entrapping and amplifying cosmic energy. Alanda ‘18 is offered in two sizes – 120 x 120 cm and 120 x 180 cm – with structure in glossy black painted steel and top in extra light or smoky glass.

B&B Italia

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180 cm L x 120 cm D x 27 cm H

Smoky Glass / Black Glossy Base

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