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392--03-BEB_ITALIA-CHARLOTTE-01_AMB Charlotte_03 392--02-BEB_ITALIA-CHARLOTTE-CHARLOTTE_02 Chair_Charlotte_CT49N_CITTERIO_Leather

Designer: Antonio Citterio
Typology: Chairs
Collection: B&B Italia
Year: 2015

Charlotte by Antonio Citterio is a tribute to lightness. The shell is completely covered, but the frame profile is visible on the chair side, thus highlighting the line of the seat. The cover is in raw cut full grain leather in six different colours (natural, black, dark brown, mud green, bottle green, bordeaux). The frame is available in a series of different finishes that emphasize it when pewter painted, bronzed nickel painted, black chrome painted or black painted aluminium, or blend it with the cover when painted in bottle green or bordeaux colours.

B&B Italia

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49 cm L x 54 cm D x 81 cm H

150 Thick Leather/ Black Chromed

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