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107--01-BEB_ITALIA-GRANDE_PAPILIO-01 b-and-b-italia-grande-papilio-relax-i8754 107--04-BEB_ITALIA-GRANDE_PAPILIO-04 107--02-BEB_ITALIA-GRANDE_PAPILIO-02

Designer: Naoto Fukasawa
Typology: Armchairs
Collection: B&B Italia
Year: 2009

The name recalls the butterfly because, as explained by the author, “the backrest designs the two wings with the head resting between them and protected by them.” It seems carved out of a block of material from which its inverted truncated cone shape derives. With a powerful personality, its swivel system facilitates contact with the surrounding environment. The chair includes an ottoman footrest for an absolutely relaxing position.

B&B Italia

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Gamma 256/ Grey Painted

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