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Grande Soffice

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The timeless elegance of Grande Soffice recalls classicism, its linear shape

ends in soft curves that look like sculptures. Extraordinarily simple. An

architecture devised to leave its mark in any setting: it is amazing in its

large proportions, and its combination of high-tech and natural materials

offers an unexpectedly comfortable experience.

It is padded in Gellyfoam and a generous amount of goose down: the result

is extreme comfort. The smart cushion allows the backrests to be reclined

for ultimate relaxation. Each seating element can comfortably sit two

people. A sectional sofa that allows linear or angular composition in many

different sizes and shapes. The deeper pieces and the poufs complete the

offer, for a more versatile use of the sofa.

Francesco Binfaré, designer of Grande Soffice, defines it as follows: “It is a

sculpture that fits into people’s houses as a monument or an obelisk or a

cathedral fits into the urban space. It is itself an architecture, a primordial,

sophisticated nest”.


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