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Naoto-Fukasawa-Harbor_01 Naoto-Fukasawa-Harbor_03 Naoto-Fukasawa-Harbor_03_0 HA80B HA80A

Designer: Naoto Fukasawa
Typology: Armchairs
Collection: B&B Italia
Year: 2017

Naoto Fukasawa continues his research on upside-down truncated cone shaped seats, and, for this project addresses B&B Italia’s need to explore the seating with armrests. Two forms are ergonomically designed and developed to obtain a relaxing easy armchair with a high back and headrest, and a conversation armchair with a low back. Both armchairs have a swivel base and visible metal hinge in the back part that, as with the iconic Papilio series, allow to remove the cover, available in fabric or leather. To these seats are added a third form, an ottoman on top of which a tray element can be supported, allowing complementary use as a small table.

B&B Italia

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