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On the Rocks

'OTR1' OTR11 OTR10 OTR09 OTR08

On the Rocks sofa brings in a new dimension of comfort, where the sofa

and the people who live it take centre stage: a soft sculpture that can be

mixed and matched as you need, to share the pleasure of the greatest

relax or to enjoy it all by yourself.

Wide, with no stiff structures, with four seating elements in different shapes

and two backrests, separated from the base and in different sizes that can

be arranged as you prefer.

A sectional system that leaves you free to express yourself and that can be

customised as much as you like. Its geometrical pieces can be declined

into different solutions: either combined in one composition or all free

standing, to change the perspective of a room.

With the exclusive materials it is made of, On the Rocks provides

unparalleled comfort.

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15'6" L x 10' D

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