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72--01-BEB_ITALIA-PAPILIO-01 72--02-BEB_ITALIA-PAPILIO-02 13-13--19 Chair_Papilio_PA_FUKASAWA_Fabric_0 minima-b-b-italia-maxalto-papilio-chair-4_13507-12-CW22

Designer: Naoto Fukasawa
Typology: Chairs
Collection: B&B Italia
Year: 2008

The design allows both an erect posture and a more relaxed position by resting on one of the wings of the armrest. The formal balance results from the constant thickness of the body and by the profile of the seat, which is sinuous at the top and ends in the light steel frame. Removable covers with a metal zip on the back, which becomes a decorative motif.

B&B Italia

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49 cm L x 57 cm D x 83 cm H

6) 350 Kasia/ Bright Chromed 6) 151 Koto/ Bright Chromed 6) 117 Gama/ Bright Chromed 6) Sidro 420/ Chromed

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