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Selene Sideboard

Selene Sideboard Splash Selene_1 Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 6.11.08 PM

MDF structure, with reinforcing aluminium sheets, lacquered in direct polish.

Circular stone with water.repellent protective oil inserts with aluminium

honeycomb support, 14 mm thickness. Inner shelves in tempered glass with

extra-light colour, 8 mm thickness. Base and decorative inserts in satin-finished

brass with wax finish.

Available varnishing: blue, mud, grey and green.

Available stones: glossy Bianco Gioia marble, Calacatta Oro marble,

Ocean Storm marble, Polar White marble, matte Polar White marble,

Rosso Lepanto Hidro marble; Elegant Brown granite; Geode quartzite,

Rocky Mountain quartzite and Brioche onyx.


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