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296--05-BEB_ITALIA-THEO-01 296--01-BEB_ITALIA-THEO-THEO_01 minima-b-b-italia-theo-5_13515-12-CW22 VVDA_Theo-for-BB-Italia_1 296--03-BEB_ITALIA-THEO-THEO-01

Typology: Armchairs
Collection: B&B Italia
Year: 2012

A seat that seems to be suspended, a dynamic frame that contrasts the static features: Theo reprocesses the traditional elements of the armchair, creating an item with a strong identity that can be changeable. Upholstered with a self-coloured fabric or leather, and enriched with tailoring details for a classical appearance, while the two-tone variant speaks a younger and more ironical language.

B&B Italia

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66.5 cm L x 71 cm D x 77 cm H

Koto 750

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