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21-21--37 13-13--18 54--01-BEB_ITALIA-VOL_AU_VENT-BIG-01-VOL-AU-VENT 54--03-BEB_ITALIA-VOL_AU_VENT-BIG-03-VOL-AU-VENT 10-10--45 Chair_Vol-au-vent_BELLINI

Designer: Mario Bellini
Typology: Chairs
Collection: B&B Italia
Year: 2001

Its distinctive character, single material pieces, both in leather and fabric, allows it to be placed alongside a large variety of tables, which are not necessarily modern. When all is said and done, its lines fluctuate between memory and modernity, and its volumes between bulkiness and slenderness. The cover is removable, padded with a single piece of stamped foam, and comes in two different sizes. The larger version can be fitted with armrests.

B&B Italia

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46 cm L x 58 cm D x 84 cm H

6) Kasia 257 6) Kora 150

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