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Our current in stock items and showroom models are available and ready for immediate delivery. With our Quickship Program, orders can be delivered from New York with a 2-3 week lead time.

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Cab Chair ~ In Stock
Cab was the first-ever chair to feature a free-standing leather structure, inspired by how our skin fits over our skeleton. The upholstery consists of sixteen pieces of saddle leather. Individually die-cut, they then undergo fourteen discrete procedures, again by hand. The pieces are sewn together only when their outer edges have been trimmed to ensure a perfect fit. Once assembled, the cover is attached to the chair’s steel skeleton and held in place by means of a zipper fastening, as in a bespoke tailored garment. The wide array of colours for the saddle leather cushion is now complemented by pigmented saddle leather in black, brown and Russian red.

Tabouret Stool ~ In Stock
High stool characterized by three legs “cut” finished, in solid wood finishes: black-stained oak, natural American walnut. Low stool featuring three turned legs, the stool comes in solid wood finishes: black-stained oak, natural American walnut. Tabouret Méribel. Highly stylised milking stool designed by Charlotte Perriand for her mountain chalet in Méribel in France. This stool was inspired in both its use of simple materials and in its shape by the architecture of interiors typically found in the Alps. Tabouret Berger. The version shown here is the lowest stool, which is a stylised version of a shepherd’s milking stool hence its name.

Bowy Sofa ~ In Stock
The rounded arm-rests curve to meet the back, the shape expressing the crafts excellence synonymous with Cassina’s crafts expertise, more evidence of which can be seen in the upholstery edge-stitching that delineates the lines of the various elements. The sofa is composed of single units that have been conceived as if they were tiny sculptures, so they work equally well as part of a team or as stand-alones. The 1970s’ inspiration comes through also in the low tables that reflect the sofa’s soft profile, the painted frame meeting the elegant material quality of the wooden table-top. Designed to work together, one over the other, or abutting each other, these tables can be used to break up the lines of the sofa, but are equally at home as stand-alone coffee tables.

The future of Cassina lies in its dedication for continuity of the past yet evolving into new forms. The influence of classic designs transforms into new, original creations.