On the Rocks Sofa

It is composed of four irregularly shaped independent elements, three polygons and a quadrilateral, placed on molded polypropylene and rubber feet. The elements can be placed together along the various sides to obtain a big variety of configurations. The possibly to combine its elements, which is governed by the laws of the plane geometry, is multiplied in an exponential way. The shapes without any frame and rigid support, are hand modeled in a special mixture, protected by international patent, made of Gellyfoam® and other foams, that grants a special, almost sensual softness. The system is completed by two flexible backrests of two different sizes, which can be positioned as required. Their grip to the base is granted by two disks of special heat formed rubber, easily to be removed for washing. Like a proper suit, the cover is realized in a range of soft and structured fabrics, especially designed and developed for this kind of seating. The result of all this is a maximum of comfort, which can be changed as desired also by simply moving only the backrests.

Use: The soft and cozy elements are able to create big and large sofas in terms of dimensions and comfort. The sofa can be used from each side by simply moving the backrest, in order to obtain a very formal positions, with only short deepness, or extremely deep and therefore very relaxing positioning.

Technical description: Structure in multilayer wood. Padding in polyurethane foam and Gellyfoam®. Feet in ABS and PTU. Undercover in polyamide. Part of the cover in Lycra. Removable cover.

On request, product can be realised also according to other regulations.

Size: 430x298cm