Standard Sofa

Standard is a line that changes the concept of comfort, multiplying the possible solutions through different seating elements that can be regular, irregular or deep, but always assembled with only one freely adjustable pillow that works as an armrest or backrest. In this way, the compositions can be linear, purely or openly angular, or free flowing. It is a system designed to offer the greatest freedom. Standard is a unique whole composition, flexible and adaptable to the user’s wishes. It is a system of sofas and other elements that can be put together. Armrests and backrests can individually be bended on every side, through flowing movements that allow maximum comfort. The “smart” pillow backrest/armrest, with parts that can be reclined separately thanks to a simple and flowing movement according to any individual moods and necessities, makes the sofa open to any possibility.

Use: Standard is a soft embrace but also movement brought to its highest power. It grants to the user a total freedom assuming any kind of position, symmetric or asymmetric, formal or informal, for reading or consulting the tablet with the head rested comfortably forward.

Technical description: Sectional series with fix sofas and modular elements. Metallic structure. Padding is Gellyfoam® and synthetic wadding. The upper parts of the backrest/armrest pillow can recline individually. Feet are in ABS and PTU. Technically removable cover.

On request, product can be realised also according to other regulations.

Size: 334cmx154cm